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Honest Family Photography | Day-in-the-life | Newborn and Maternity

I love natural family photography that really tells a story. To me, images are like words that weave together to give more meaning to each other. In home photography is perfect for this because all the little details that we often overlook are there. When I talk about little details this might be the crease in a hand, a discarded toy, hair tucked behind an ear just so... Life moves so fast, it’s funny how quickly we forget these tiny things! But a documentary session is also an opportunity to capture life as it honestly is, in a place where  everyone feels comfortable. The result is natural images full of natural interaction and honest personality. When shooting with you and your newborn, I’ll capture you those family portraits together and all the newborn love and squidge, but also those pauses for a nappy change through a doorway, the soothing, the feeding, the things that pass by in a blur of sleep deprivation! With a maternity session we might go for a walk, and a chat and essentially, we just keep it relaxed and true to you. 

Whether you want to document a special occasion, general day-to-day life, or simply some fun and relaxed images, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

To see some family stories, please click here.

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