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Jess - A Newborn Shoot at Home

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Oh gosh, there's nothing quite like newborn feet, is there?

Jess was born back in December and I had the privilege of meeting her at a sweet 3 days old. So young, and yet so wise looking! Gemma and Dan welcomed me into their home, and I spent the morning with them (and Grandma) as they began to find their feet in their new routine.

Those first few days of tiredness and love, and fumbling your way through getting to know each other are priceless. The constant feeds (which will remain private to this wonderful family), the nappy changes, the making of the nursery and stream of curious visitors... it all goes by so quickly, and before long they're walking and talking and asking for pocket money and help with homework!

So, here's a little glimpse of Jess' first few days and hours in her home, with her loving family, and lots of snuggles.

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