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A Spectacular Golden Hour Newborn and Family Photoshoot

L reached out to me for a newborn shoot after being recommended by her friend. The world was just starting to open up after the intense first phase of the lockdown, which meant the usual at home indoor newborn shoot wasn’t going to be feasible. We waited until M was 5 weeks old and groups of up to 6 people were allowed to meet at a distance outside, and then we created this marvellous outdoor newborn shoot with all 4 of their perfect little family, in a spectacular golden hour.

Shooting at a social distance is a little different to my usual style of being close, but we worked it by all being aware, contact free, sanitiser on hand, and crucially by using a longer lens and cropping in on wider images where needed to still give that sense of intimacy whilst maintaining distance.

A lot of newborn shoot advice is to have your photographs done in the first three weeks, and there is some reasoning behind this - babies are more curled up, they’re sleepier, and obviously they’re that little bit smaller. But if you miss this window, don’t let that put you off! I mean, there was no way I was up for a shoot when Oscar was 3 weeks old, I could barely sit myself up, I had no idea what day of the week it was and having the time to put makeup on or be able to get ready for a specific time seemed completely unmanageable! Once a baby gets to 3 weeks old, they don’t stop being tiny or cute. Yes, they uncurl and are more awake, but aren’t their eyes gorgeous? And their little windy smiles? And don’t you love them more as each day goes by? A photoshoot at 5 weeks, or 12 weeks or 9 months is just as feasible when you are documenting and capturing them as they are in that moment, and how they are part of the family - be that a family of 2 or 20.

L, L, baby M and big sister A absolutely rocked it. A did very well to stay up past her bedtime for the golden hour, and we had lots of fun playing in the long grass, looking for fairies and playing peekaboo. There were lots of cuddles, Daddy L made A fly, and baby M slept, smiled and gurgled with all the attention. On a personal note it felt great to be out again, doing what I love, forging connections with people and helping them to create and capture memories, with natural and relaxed family photos. But it was also amazing to soak up the sunlight and really appreciate the nature around us, to breathe in the air, have face to face conversation and most importantly, to freeze these precious early days for L, L, A and M as a little family of four. Thank you so much for having me along for the ride!

Sending lots of love and healthy vibes your way,


If you'd like to book a golden hour shoot, or any other family or newborn shoot in Surrey or Hampshire, then please do get in touch to find out more - you know I am always happy to chat! You can reach me via my contact form, here.

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