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An NCT Half-Birthday Party!

I was invited along to this “half-birthday party” in Reading, Berkshire to celebrate a happy 6 months earthside to all these lovely bundles of joy! What better excuse to gather all the families together before some of them start to head back to work, and once everyone’s found their groove, and before the mania of 1st birthdays all hit at once in another 6 months time?!

It was such a lovely opportunity to get candid, real, storytelling photos of all the babies and families, (proper documentary photography) as well as some relaxed and natural portraiture to send out to grandparents. This stage when they are noticing the world around them so much, and other babies is so lovely, and totally unpredictable, it’s just fantastic. I particularly loved their animal theme with some EPIC fancy dress, and tactical coordination from some of the mums (I see you, leopard print).

In fact, it was so good, I think I might have a half birthday party too. Including the naps, and rainbow cake, of course.

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