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Boats and Bow Ties: An Alternative DIY Wedding in Dorset

Jasmine and JC completely sold me on their super-relaxed vision for their day.

They began their day at The Kings Arm's in Christchurch with the ceremony in a small pavilion, surrounded by the Priory, gardens and ruins. The sunshine was absolutely beyond glorious (I really ought to move to this Bournemouth microclimate) which was particularly fortune given what they had planned for their arrival to their reception... but more on that later. JC and his boys were all sporting wooden bow ties which was a very cool touch and really demonstrated some of the individuality they had sprinkled throughout their day.

Jasmine literally stopped the traffic on her way to meet JC, with the aid of her bridal party and a perfectly equipped lollipop man! They shimmied past the priory ruins and she waited for JC to walk down the aisle first with his mum in hand, before following the bridal party down with her dad. I thought this was a really wonderful and sweet touch. Topped off by JC not allowing the music to finish before it reached a really important line to him - clearly they both sprinted down the aisle in their eagerness!

After the ceremony, we had a wander around some of Jasmine and JC's favourite parts of Christchurch for their couple portraits, with people greeting them and congratulating them all the way along - they were beaming and it was pretty perfect! They even managed to befriend some swans.

Then it was off to Ye Olde George to pick up the guests and enjoy a few drinks, before everyone made their way to Christchurch Rowing Club. This is where Jasmine and JC surprised their guests with their arrival by boat! It was an absolutely perfect way to give them some alone time to soak everything in as they meandered their way there together, and also totally gave a wow factor and some great memories for their day for everyone. Everyone settled down for an afternoon tea, which is where I left them, before they began a night of partying and retro arcade games!

Check out some of their highlights below! If you'd like me to pop along to capture your day, then I would love to hear your plans. Drop me a message via my contact form or pop me an email - I'm always ready to chat.

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