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Cat + David: A Winter Winchester Wedding

Bride and groom couple walking across a golf course on their wedding day in the rain, looking at each other and laughing. It is autumn with leaves on the ground but the grass feels fresh and lush. He is wearing a blue suit with red tie, and she wears an off the shoulder gown by Jenny Packham and a long veil, at Ampfield golf club near Winchester and Romsey.

I’m going to throw this right back to November 2019, back to glorious bliss! You’ll spot Cat and David around my website, and that’s because their day was misty and magical and full of all the emotions. I was extremely teary during their ceremony readings, that’s for sure. They read an extract from Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), and I am besotted with the imagery and philosophy in it, and they carried this through in details you might not even notice, such as foxes on the boys socks.

But as wonderful as these details are, what I truly loved was that getting ready was this amazingly bubbly multi-generational family affair, and blustery weather never phased anyone. I loved the sheer joy of the groomsmen impromptu dancing down the aisle after the ceremony, I loved Cat’s mum upturning a bucket of confetti over them in the pouring rain, I loved the speeches and the embracing of far flung family, the merging of Malaysian toasting tradition with British customs, and I loved Cat and David’s willingness to trudge across a soggy golf course (Ampfield Golf Club, Romsey!) to capture some magical misty portraits. I got extremely soggy feet that never quite dried out, but it was totally worth it!

I also am desperate to share this, because if you ever wanted table setting inspiration, then you will marvel at their stunning handiwork. With a literary theme, looking at stories and books that are important to them, they painstaking created absolute works of art to delight their guests from all angles. This is better than Pinterest because this is real people and real life (and not requiring a fancy pants budget!)

I’m going to let the images tell the rest of their story. It’s beautiful.

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