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Charlotte and Ryan: A Town Hall and RiverBoat Wedding in Henley-on-Thames

A bride in a sparkly sequin and tulle asos wedding dress with spaghetti straps and low back holds a small bouquet of wedding flowers in pale pink and blush tones. She is looking at the groom whilst the wind blows through her hair. The groom is smiling at her with his arm around her waist, and he wears a royal blue suit with brown shoes and a pink rose and eucalyptus buttonhole. They are stood on the steps of Henley town hall with the street behind them, and bunting through the air.

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, and it blew in like a gale for Charlotte and Ryan (the luck was probably appreciated given they were also moving house that week)! But even the biggest gust couldn’t blow the cheer out of their loved ones, or the smiles off their faces, and sure enough the sun came out in time to party. They were married at Henley Town Hall, with Marlow most definitely making sure she was not missed out of any key ceremony moments!

Charlotte and Ryan hadn’t initially been sure if they had wanted a photographer, as they are both not too keen on being in front of the camera. But relaxed and unobtrusive is my thing, and I am so pleased they reached out to me, because look how wonderful it is to have these stories to hold onto! We even managed a whirlwind set of couple portraits and you wouldn’t even know they’d been nervous, would you?

Everyone wandered their way through Henley town centre down to the river, and it was so lovely to see Ryan and Charlotte being congratulated by strangers all the way. I think that especially after the last couple of years people were genuinely overjoyed to see such a happy celebration. They were met by more friends and loved ones on the river bank and boarded The New Orleans (courtesy of Hobbs of Henley) for afternoon tea (and what a spread of cakes!) to keep everyone going, as they left for a leisurely cruise down to Sonning for a reception at The Bull Inn, Sonning (one of my favourite pubs from my time living in Reading, I have to say - it’s a gorgeous medieval building, and they always did excellent food). The New Orleans is where I left them, and waved them off.

Congratulations Ryan and Charlotte (and Marlow!), and thanks for having me!

C x

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