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Do we really need an album?

With so many wedding photographers including an album as standard, do you really need one?

With the ease of displaying and preserving digital images, I'm sure the majority of engaged couples question at some point: Do we really need an album?

So, I'm just going to come out and say it: No, you don't.

You don't need your images printed into a book to remember your day, or to enjoy the photos. The question should really be: will we enjoy an album?

I don't include an album in my packages precisely because traditional albums don't suit everyone. If you know that you'd only stick it on the bookshelf in in the back of a cupboard and never look at it again, then it's probably not worth spending hundreds of pounds on. It might be that for you, printing your images individually either as small prints for frames, or as large wall art is more suited to your personality, your lifestyle and the way you enjoy images.

However, if you are like me, and you love to run your fingers across the printed page, and turn the pages of the story of your day, following it from start to end, and to pass it round and share it with family and friends, or take in multiple images in a spread and watch as something special unfolds all at once, then an album will have a strong place in your heart. Albums can be easily shared, and provoke storytelling and reminiscing in a way that a file on a computer just doesn't. An album allows the stories to be discovered again and again, and to catch your eye as you drift past and they call out to you.

Other than that though, there are a number of other reasons why a printed album is important to me. The printed page somehow brings out more depth in the images so they are simply more enjoyable. Also, an album can't catch a virus and be corrupted. Yes, it's vulnerable to spillages and fire, but so is a computer. Plus, your professionally printed image should last a lifetime - it can't be outrun by new technology.

Yes, albums can be expensive. But they don't have to be. I offer a luxury fine art album, and a budget mini album, so if you'd like one you can tailor it to your budget and to how you envision yourself using it. Is it a small memento or is it a feature of the day itself? The albums I build are professionally printed and sourced to fall in line with my ethical standards, but they are not compulsory, and each one is bespoke to each couple. This means that the price is variable, but you also get a design that suits your personality, and no limitations on the number of images that you'd like to select (although I'll make recommendations according to the number of pages you'd like or to help you fall in line with your budget). I would encourage all my clients to print their images in some way, now or in the future so they can really enjoy them to their full potential, but this doesn't need to be in an album. It's also possible to leave the album until a later date - I will be happy to build albums however long down the line, or you can find a way of displaying them that suits you. As long as you enjoy your images, that's all I ask.

Details for the Luxury Fine Art Album:

  • A handmade and hand bound 10x10” luxury white glove album, printed exquisitely with archival quality ink for fine art prints, with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Given its size, the luxury album really allows your images to sing out from the page, and to weave stories across the spreads. You can have your images printed across the seam, allowing for extremely large prints within your album - fantastic for those group photos, and extra special images.

  • Each album comes with a linen covered presentation box which is fantastic for keeping your album safe, a care guide, and a pair of white gloves, so you can ensure that your album truly lasts a lifetime.

  • Each album is entirely bespoke, so the price is variable according to the number of pages and any extra additional upgrades Prices for 15 double pages in 10x10” with a linen wrap embossed cover and a linen wrap presentation box start from £350. Other colours and fabrics are also available.

  • All the materials used in creating these albums are from sustainable sources, with the album builder also running on solar power and using carbon neutral shipping. A portion from each album sale also makes its way to Books For Africa, a very worthwhile charity.

Details for the Budget Mini Album:

  • A mini hessian wrapped album, in a cute 9x6” with it’s own personalised wooden box and wooden USB. If you’re after just a bijou sized book with just enough space for the highlights (for yourself, or parents, or even grandparents). Exceptional photographic printing quality across 20 double pages.

  • £200

If you're interested in chatting about albums or would like to see some samples, you can drop me a message via the contact form here. See you soon! Claire x

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