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Kirsty and Robbie: A Lockdown Micro-Wedding!

Remember when weddings weren’t allowed, but then they were, but then only 6 people? Well, Kirsty and Robbie eloped with their parents as witnesses to Reading Town Hall!

It was certainly an experience for them in their planning, navigating ever changing rules, and for me it was a new experience to be strictly seated (no standing) in one spot to document the ceremony. But their ceremony was still full of love, still full of emotion, and still the beginning of their marriage. They had matching home made face masks, and Kirsty was very impressed that Robbie‘s mum had managed to coordinate her hat to Kirsty’s flowers!

We headed out to the street to sprinkle some confetti, then over to Forbury Gardens and the castle ruins for some group and couple portraits. We caught up with Kirsty and Robbie‘s parents at Thames Lido (which is beautiful by the way), where they had a table booked for a gorgeous lunch. As we wandered over, Kirsty and Robbie told me they had some news to announce to their parents, and would I help them to capture it, without them cottoning on? Of course I would! I asked them to gather round the table in more of a U-shape for the toasting as the champagne was poured, telling them that it was better to see their faces for the brief speeches, especially in the narrow space. I knew that we would have a matter of a split second for the initial reactions and wanted to ensure I could capture everyone and the whole story as Robbie started to tell it, and wait for the moment it clicked... Scroll to the end of the gallery to see their shock and pure delight at the news they are all going to be grandparents!

Many, many congratulations Kirsty and Robbie, on your beautiful marriage and the start of a very happy family.

Lots of love, C x

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