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Knaphill Summer Event

Back in the summer I was asked to come and document the goings-on of the annual Knaphill Summer Event, down at Mizens Railway. It was an absolute scorcher of a day, and pulled in so many people that there was a queue for the car park, and the refreshments were run off their feet!

It was really lovely to volunteer for fundraising for local charities and good causes, and to meet so many people from the local community - musicians, dancers, entertainers, local businesses, support groups and families. The dog show was a big hit, as were the train rides and fairground rides, and it took a lot for me to resist the freshly spun candy floss! It was fab to see so many simple and traditional games bringing so much joy, to see all the local artisans with their produce and arts and crafts, and I have to say that maybe next year I won’t crouch directly behind the archery board because it seems some kids were a lot more accurate than I had predicted...

Big thanks to the Knaphill Residents Association for letting me be part of it, and I look forward to the next one!

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