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Melissa + Andrej: A Summer Family Elopement in Weybridge, Surrey

Melissa and Andrej decided to tie the knot amongst immediate family at Weybridge Register Office. The best bit? The day was a total surprise for the kids, and they were thrilled!

The ceremony was super relaxed, with the family joining Melissa and Andrej up at the front, in the window seats after they exchanged vows for the second half of the ceremony, and I thought that was such a lovely thing to do, to be all together in such an intimate space.

Once this lovely pair strode out of the room, Andrej was beaming and so relaxed, as bless him, he’d been so excited-nervous before Melissa walked in! We had some time for some relaxed photos in the garden before they headed off for afternoon tea, and the kids loved running round and round, darting between the bushes. They were so thrilled to see these two married, and were impatiently awaiting the arrival of their little brother or sister! “Why can’t they arrive today?”

The love between these folks, and family both near and far, was so lovely to witness, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you all.


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