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Poppy and Elliot: An Elopement

Wow. Poppy and Elliot eloped to Weybridge Register Office for a super sweet and intimate ceremony with their absolute closest family and friends. It was full of laughter the whole way through, and I really loved how they all came up to sit in the window and be close to each other for the second half of the ceremony after the ceremony. It felt so right, so relaxed and pretty perfect for them. I think a particular favourite moment was their friend skipping through the gardens with Poppy's bouquet! After the ceremony they all wandered over to Oatlands Park Hotel for a private afternoon tea, and if you ask me, I couldn't have thought of a better way to round it off.

Poppy and Elliot's love for each other was so clear and so apparent the whole time I was with them - they were so gentle and thoughtful with each other, and constantly giggling. It's not often that you meet a couple and can completely tell how perfect they are for each other, and how supportive they are of each other. It was such a pleasure and an honour to be welcomed by them and their wonderful guests into such an intimate moment of their lives, so thank you so much for having me, both of you, and I wish you every health and happiness.

If you're thinking of having an intimate ceremony or going away for an elopement and you think you'd like to have me along to document it for you, then please do drop me a message - I would love to chat!

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