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S+N: A Maternity Shoot on the Heath

S said “We have so many photos in our house, but none of us! Except maybe a wedding photo... We think that maybe this is the time to get some, and we’re so nervous in front of a camera that if we’re going to be comfortable with anyone it’ll be you!” So we booked in together, and made our way to the stunning woodland and heathland around Guildford and Chobham, Surrey.

This spot is one of my favourites, and it seems barely anyone knows its existence. For a self-conscious couple, this couldn’t be more perfect. Despite it being a mild Saturday morning, we only saw one other person very briefly as they walked their dog. S+N were beyond brilliant. We chatted the whole entire session, and they trusted me implicitly when I asked them to follow little paths or turn their back to me, or just ignore me. And they were very kind and only laughed directly at me a *little* bit when I sank into a puddle that was much deeper than I’d anticipated. But the sodden socks and boots were completely worth it!

Thank you, S+N for being phenomenal, for making me belly laugh so hard, and for allowing me to create these beautiful images for the three of you. I can’t wait to meet baby M!

P.S. A quick note to say thank you so much for these kind words, S! “We loved our maternity shoot with Claire. After 7 years together my husband and I don’t really have any photos of the both of us because we never think to take any but not wanting to miss the opportunity to document being pregnant we found Claire. She did such a great job of helping us feel relaxed and natural and was totally professional. The photos look amazing and it's so special to have something to remember this time by. She gave exactly the right amount of direction so we knew how to stand or move to get the best shots whilst also not feeling unnatural or awkward. My husband has even said he would not mind having his photo taken again, if it's by Claire!"

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