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Star-Crossed Lovers: A Celestial Shoot

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This shoot was the brainchild of glitter-fuelled Toni Searle Beauty and dress-designer-of-dreams Marie Chandler Bridal. And wow, what a shoot!

It started in glitter and ended in the stars.

The team were all inspired by celestial shoots, but we all strived to deliver it in a different way to blue and gold muted palettes, which led to deep blue and purple hues, with vibrancy inspired by nebulas and swirling galaxies. The floating flower installation by Peonies from Pluto was just like a galaxy cloud and looked stunning in the high vaulted ceilings of Lovekyn Chapel.

We chose to shoot in Lovekyn Chapel for several reasons. We loved the contrast of the bright white high ceilings and large stained glass window against quite a moody styling and photographic style. Lovekyn Chapel is also a genuine wedding venue, but as a deconsecrated chapel, they welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of belief or lifestyle, which was so important to all of us. Chapels were also built to guide you towards the "heavens" so what could be more atmospheric?

We lit the chapel with sooo many candles, and it worked very well with the space whilst also being a very simple approach. But this approach was key - we wanted to show a dramatic but easily achievable way to create a celestial styled wedding. The exposed table was styled with a cheesecloth runner and crystals provided by the lovely Jess of Twin Flame Styling, and exceptional menus, origami place names and stars by Eddie of Edwina Camm Illustration.

Hayley wore a dress inspired by the one worn by Clare Danes in Stardust, and its cape adorned with delicately sequinned stars is stunning - it just flows beautifully. Her crystal headpieces were created by Twin Flame Styling too - two different headpieces for two different stylings - one with a fishtail plait but Toni Searle Beauty, and one worn with hair half up.

Carlos also had two looks! A deep burgundy velvet suit for a super soft romantic vibe, followed by a full on celestial outfit change for look number two. Both suits were from Asos. We also made sure to shoot with an equal emphasis on Carlos, as the groom often seems a little overlooked, but grooms are important too!

Tiny Sarah's Cakes designed a poetic and strikingly different cake - white and ethereal to echo the backdrop of the venue, with a delicate quote from Stardust handpainted on, with all the little characters climbing up to the sky and lighting up the stars.

To coincide with the outfit changes and to play with this idea of contrasts I shot the images as a mix between soft and romantic images by candlelight, and then more serious images in the cooler natural light, all muted and moody, whilst still sharing that nebula vibrancy.

If you're planning an alternative wedding, (or even a celestial wedding!) and you think you'd like to work with me please do drop me a message via my contact form. You can also find the links to all the suppliers involved here below. And if you know someone who would love some celestial inspiration, please do share this post! I look forward to chatting with you!

To see this shoot as featured on Magpie Wedding, please click here. To see it featured on Plans & Presents wedding blog, please click here.


Hair and Make Up: Toni Searle Beauty

Suits: Asos

Crystals, including headpieces: Twin Flame Styling

Candles: IKEA

Models: Hayley Pegg @hayleslp88, Carlos @yigoway

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