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Surprise! The Secrets in The Wooden Print Box

unboxing wooden usb print box with recycled sheets wool packaging Claire Bemister photography
Unboxing Your Print Box

The Print Box is included in my wedding packages, but most clients who "build their own" opt for this gorgeous way to receive their images anyway. So what's inside?

Well, it's a pretty luxury and lovely way to receive your pictures as when you open the parcel you dig your way through the most beautiful recycled and unbleached sheep's wool - no bubble wrap here! The benefit of the wool is that not only is it incredible at protecting against bumps and bounces, but it also temperature controls your package - pretty nifty if your parcel is delivered whilst you're out in the middle of a heatwave - and it's water repellent so it's not going to soak up puddles if it gets rained on like paper sheeting. It's also perfect to weave if you happen to like weaving and knitting, and eco-friendly, and so, so soft!

Once you find your way down to your box, you'll find your names engraved into the lid. There's a lovely chap named Justin who hand makes each box and engraves them (along with the coordinating USB inside). When you slide it open, you'll find your USB with your images profiled both both screen use and for printing (and a print release - very important!), and 20 6x4" prints of your choice from your gallery.

The box is a great place to keep your prints safe until you find a place to display them, and can be amazing as a little memory box for special things from your day. And having the USB engraved is particularly handy so that you can't mix it up with another by accident! (Although I do encourage you to back up your images anyway!)

But that's not it- oh no! No, I like to sneak in a little surprise for my couples. Maybe it will be some pretty homemade tea bags with little notes attached so you can sip whilst you enjoy your images. Maybe it will be some vintage cutlery which I've stamped with your names. Perhaps your favourite sweets, or something else cute that I've spotted along the way. Whatever you find, it will be something thoughtful and personal, and eco-friendly (of course!).

If you'd like a Print Box for your wedding images, engagement shoot, event or family shoot, that's totally possible too! Just let me know and we'll get right on it. To book, find the contact form

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