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There's Nothing Wrong with Being Nosey...

Ever fancied a little peek inside other people's prints boxes to see what little surprises they get? Well, now's your opportunity!

All my wedding packages include a gorgeous wooden box, housing a wooden USB of all you images and a selection of 20 prints. But that’s not all! Oh no, every box is a little bit different because every couple also has a little surprise to discover inside too. I try to keep these personal to you, so perhaps you love tea and there are some handmade teabags in there, or maybe you had a vintage wedding so there’s some personalised vintage cutlery? Or how about wildflower seeds because you had your wedding in your cottage garden? Gabi and Peter had some Polaroids of some of their favourite images. You’ll see that Jake and Mary had a little crescent moon shaped soap in their wedding colours, inspired by their celestial wedding. Maybe, there’s a fitting literary quote from a reading or speech tucked away in there, as with Cat and David’s winter literary wedding. Katherine and Matt also had a little treat tucked underneath for their little one, Albert because I just couldn’t leave him out. Maybe there’s something that just made me think of you - Karl and Samantha this is you, but you’ll have to wait and see as I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

If I can do a doorstep delivery of your box, then it will be beautifully wrapped, often with some freshly cut or dried flowers to make it extra gorgeous. If you receive it by post then you’ll find it hidden down in either recycled paper (if you are vegan), or in salvaged and repurposed sheep’s wool. This wool has been salvaged from sterilised medical insulation packaging and has not been dyed or treated, only cleaned, so it can be reused and spun and made into anything you like, or it can be composted easily. I use this sustainable packaging for a few reasons - it regulates the temperature of the box contents because it is so good at insulating, meaning that your prints and the electronics inside your wooden USB (so all your wedding photos!) are protected from any extremes of heat or cold they may encounter on their way to you, particularly if they ever get left on a doorstep by the postie. The wool is also water repellent, so if it were to rain, your box and its contents have the best chance they can of being protected from the drizzle, even if the cardboard box gets soggy. Plus, it involves no new materials, just making use of things already used, so that it’s as sustainable as possible, and won’t fill up landfill.

Anyway, keep scrolling and check out some of the boxes - they’re all different because you are all different! And any suggestions or ideas for little treats that can slip into these for my wonderful couples are always welcome.

If you’d like your own box to accompany a newborn or family shoot, or as a surprise gift for a loved one, we can do that too. Prints and treats aren’t just for weddings!


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